Hooray! We’re almost done. Mastering is the final clear coat for your audio. It helps to ensure that the playback is consistent across multiple devices and translates well even when compressed with a codec.

Mastering for one song starts at 40 USD. For details, please get in touch via the contact form.

The Mastering Process

  1. Noise Removal

    Small problems can become more evident and intrusive as we process our audio, so it is best practice to clean up the source as much as possible to start.

  2. Equalization

    Often times, mixing is done in less than ideal environment, which could result in a less than optimal spectral representation. Surpluses and deficits are compensated with a series of EQs to flesh out imperfections.

  3. Stereo widening

    Stereo width and Z depth is enhanced with specialized tools, giving your audio a deeper and wider, perhaps slightly larger than life sound.

  4. Dynamic Enhancement

    Various dynamic tools are used to glue everything and create a cohesive, impactful sound.

  5. Loudness

    Loudness for each track is adjusted so that the body of work is consistent and cohesive. For non-album work, we do our best to maximize the loudness of your tracks without crushing precious transients and dynamics. We also ensure that loudness complies with your intended release format.

  6. Format Conversion

    Different mediums take different formats and conversion is done to comply with different standards.

  7. Sequencing

    Silence is added between each track to separate each song, giving a clear and impactful start and ending.